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What Is This Course?

This course starts your journey to think like history's greatest thinkers so you can become a game-changer and cultivate what is called step-change.

"Step-Change": (noun) A sudden, discontinuous change. (Fast change to an elevated level [game-change], as opposed to slow, incremental change.)

You will start transforming your entire core (vision and thinking foundation) in all landscapes of business/life by learning to see, think, and perform like history’s greatest thinkers. You will learn their secret ability (termed "Holistic Vision" by Dr. Herman) so to see past distractions and nonsense that hide the foundations and interconnectivity of all atmospheres, whether those atmospheres are systems, issues, opportunities, businesses, relationships, ideas, or yourself, so you can quickly envision and create in-depth, yet simple game-changing strategies.

This intense, interactive course uses in-depth, deceptively-simple (non-medical, non-clinical) psychological drills. It helps you start revamping your entire core so you can see, think, and act as you never could.

Why Take This Course?

This course will help you start breaking your entire core; your thought patterns; your way of seeing the world (people, issues, work, and yourself). It will help you start seeing, thinking, and performing like history's greatest thinkers, regardless of your background and goals.

  • This course is for those needing to quickly become a game-changer (in any arena of business/life) so to live their dreams.
  • This course is for those needing to quickly be at the forefront of thought and action, in whatever landscape of life desired.
  • This class course is for those needing to quickly cultivate step-change (fast, transformational change).
  • This course is for those needing to quickly deprogram and reprogram their entire cognitive schema (thinking foundation).

The ability to navigate this world as history’s greatest thinkers did is the greatest ability one you can ever have and use for whatever goal (e,g, building a business/legacy, raising children, teaching, writing, acting, CV-/resume-writing, choreographing, investigating, programming, selling, problem-solving, designing, studying…). This ability reveals your surroundings, and the inner workings of yourself. It helps you see, speak, think, and act as you never could.

Everyday Examples

The ability of history's greatest thinkers (Holistic Vision) helps force step-change in all atmospheres of your existence, bleeding into every aspect of your personal/professional life; there is no "off-button". This vision and mindset helps guide you to see, think, and do things most humans never see, think, or do - just as with history's greatest thinkers. Below are just a few examples of this ability in everyday situations.

Everyday Examples Of Step-Change Via Holistic Vision: Office Work
Everyday Examples Of Step-Change Via Holistic Vision: Programming
Everyday Examples Of Step-Change Via Holistic Vision: Investigation
Navigate All Complex Atmospheres w/ Dr. HermanSJr. (Global Change Agent Founder - Platinum Sciences: Institute For Step-Change

What Are The Prerequisites?

Just a desire to leave the status quo and become a game-changer (in any realm of life).

You need only bring instruments to take notes; nothing else.

What Are The Materials/Resources?

You will receive all PDFs, imagery, quizzes, videos, audio files needed to complete this course, as well as a digital copy of Dr. Herman's interactive workbook "Resetting Your Mindset: Using Universal Foundations That Surround You Every Day" (printed book by Harvard Book Store is sold out).

Navigate Complex Atmospheres

Start learning the single, universal ability of history's greatest thinkers that allows you to quickly and easily see the root-level of all highly-complex problems so you can become a game-changer and start creating the life you want (e.g. relationships, businesses, education, opportunities, spirituality, a more developed self...), regardless of your background and goals.

Navigate All Complex Atmospheres w/ Dr. HermanSJr. (Global Change Agent Founder - Platinum Sciences: Institute For Step-Change
Navigate All Complex Atmospheres w/ Dr. HermanSJr. (Global Change Agent Founder - Platinum Sciences: Institute For Step-Change

Holistic Vision Workbook

"Resetting Your Mindset: Using Universal Foundations That Surround You Every Day"

The only interactive workbook that starts revealing and teaching Holistic Vision, i.e. the vision and mindset of history's greatest thinkers and their ability to see through mountains of highly-complex distracting and superficial variables down to the root-cause, the foundation of any atmosphere (e.g. issues, relationships, opportunities, and oneself) so to cultivate step-change across countries, industries, and languages. Foreword by Dr. Ruben Lambert (PsyD); 150 pages of to-the-point highly-complex principles explained simply and practically for immediate use; challenging yet not overwhelming quizzes; second of Dr. HermanSJr.'s books used in universities/academies worldwide.

Why Learn From Dr. Herman?

Dr. HermanSJr. (AA, BA, BMsc, MA, MMsc, MpsyD) is the American-born internationally-sought-after Global Change Agent across industries and languages; Harvard University-published writer; multi-book, bestselling author whose work is accepted into the collection of the US Library of Congress and used in educational entities worldwide; writer of +50 academic, business, and research papers; instructor/judge at multiple universities/academies worldwide; business advisor/mentor/judge at entrepreneurship incubators/accelerators worldwide; Psychological/Systems Consultant for an international cyber investigation company to Fortune 100 and federal law enforcement; trainer/consultant/researcher on the ability behind history's greatest thinkers which he consults/trains on across countries, industries, and languages using highly-engaging workshops of intense and deceptively-simple drills (composed of The System of Interconnectivity and Psychological Strategy) to cultivate Agents-of-Change who can then force step-change across all landscapes, regardless of their backgrounds or goals.


Doctorate of Metaphysical Psychology; Master of Arts in Linguistics; Master of Metaphysical Science; Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies; Bachelor of Metaphysical Science; Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts; ultimately pursuing a second (secular) doctorate.

Dr. HermanSJr. (AA, BA, BMsc, MA, MMsc, MpsyD) | Global Change Agent | Founder - Platinum Sciences: Institute For Step-Change


Testimonial: Dr. Ruben Lambert (PsyD) For Dr. HermanSJr. of Platinum Sciences: Institute For Step-Change

Dr. Ruben Lambert (PsyD)

Licensed Psychologist

Zen Master (Korean Zen Tradition)

"What is needed these days is a complete overhaul of the way people see and think about themselves, each other, and the world; a complete revamping of people's cognitive foundations. Whatsmore, such an overhaul must be ingrained into all our education systems across the world. Only with such a program will we be able to regain our full potential and benefit from tremendous solutions that we cannot even begin to fathom right now with our limited mindsets...The only such mental overhaul program I know suitable for immediate implementation and benefit on such a scale is that created and conducted by Dr. HermanSJr." (Excerpt from Foreword of Dr. HermanSJr.'s book "Resetting Your Mindset: Using Universal Foundations That Surround You Every")

Testimonial: Dr. Chandra Babu (PhD) For Dr. HermanSJr. of Platinum Sciences: Institute For Step-Change

Dr. Chandra Babu (PhD)

Founder Chancellor of Right Academy & Research Center

"As one involved in bridging the gaps between education and business, and thus involved in academia, business, education, and research on a daily basis, I know the cognitive erosion of our global society is all too real and causes a real world loss of billions of dollars collectively across businesses and education institutes. Without a drastic and fast solution to this problem, the true potential of our businesses, education institutes, governments, and even our children and ourselves will continue to be severely stifled for many more generations. The mental overhauling expertise of Dr. HermanSJr. is a real world solution to this problem. For this reason, I recommend his expertise to all people, regardless of their location or industry."

Testimonial: Dr. Wilfredo Alvarez (PhD) For Dr. HermanSJr. of Platinum Sciences: Institute For Step-Change

Dr. Wilfredo Alvarez (PhD)

Director of Graduate Studies | Assistant Professor of Communications

"Dr. HermanSJr. exhibits unorthodox thinking and develops solutions for complex issues. I was impressed with his ability to see things from a wide variety of angles as well as the depth of each angle. Simply put, Dr. HermanSJr. is a Manager of Solutions. He is adept at designing and executing solutions for various issues, including logistics, efficiency, and organizational and group systems design and implementation. He is a true interdisciplinarian; he draws from a vast knowledge base and uses this base in effective ways to solve multi-layered systemic problems. If you are interested in designing and implementing efficiency/solutions systems to move people and organizations forward, make an investment on Dr. HermanSJr."

Testimonial: Dr. Michael Mautner (PhD) For Dr. HermanSJr. of Platinum Sciences: Institute For Step-Change

Dr. Michael Mautner (PhD)

Research Professor of Chemistry

Founder of SOLIS

"Dr. HermanSJr. is an original analytical thinker. He places great value on reason and on intellectual honesty. He expresses his views clearly in understandable."

Testimonial: Peter Sipes (MA, MEd) For Dr. HermanSJr. of Platinum Sciences: Institute For Step-Change

Peter Sipes (MA, MEd)

Linguist | Latin Teacher


"Dr. HermanSJr.'s writing is clear and specific. He walks readers through the steps needed for seeing only what's necessary to make the powerful positive changes they need to reset their mindsets. His topics are wide-ranging and thorough, which is critical for people looking to make their worlds better and bigger. If you're looking to change your mindset in order to change the world, check out 'Resetting Your Mindset: Using Universal Foundations That Surround You Every Day'."

Testimonial: Steve Obregon (AS) For Dr. HermanSJr. of Platinum Sciences: Institute For Step-Change

Steve Obregon (AS)

Former Police Officer & US Navy Seabee


"As a former police officer, this program is a must for law enforcement (officers, deputies, SWAT, FBI) and intelligence agents (CIA, NSA, Homeland Security) to see, talk to, and understand people, and variables, on a far deeper level so they get to the root of the crime/situation far faster. It's an extremely powerful tool for their toolbox that will give them the edge and see the correct solution when they otherwise are typically stuck. Also, as an already successful entrepreneur, I am able to see and implement strategies to greatly advance my business ventures that I could never see before Dr. HermanSJr.'s individual consultation which I continue to use for multiple years now."

Testimonial: Vince Copple For Dr. HermanSJr. of Platinum Sciences: Institute For Step-Change

Vince Copple

Former World Cup Pro Catfisherman

Author (Investing & Trading)

"As a Former World Cup Pro Catfisherman and current stock trading book author, I have always managed to do well with entrepreneurship. Now, after a very successful life where I have lived many of my dreams, I have long been looking to fulfill one more entrepreneurial dream where I can combine my personal passions into a fun and nicely automated financial machine. Dr. HermanSJr. used his psychological tactics to show me not only what I wanted, but also how to bring it about in the most effective and fun manner possible - exactly what I was seeking for many years. His expertise of resetting how people think is amazing. I wish I could tell the Wall Street executives, hospital administrators and stock traders I have dealt with for many years in my career to run towards this education of his. It is definitely something that would help pave the way for tremendous change in the industries across the globe."

Testimonial: Mohamed Shedou (BA) For Dr. HermanSJr. of Platinum Sciences: Institute For Step-Change

Mohamed Shedou (BA)

Business Analyst | Writer


"Dr. HermanSJr.'s expertise is spoken for across the world and across industries. Whatsmore, his phenomenal ability to inform, educate, and guide people of various cultures in the most effective manner possible (as per their needs) is first class. I have yet to see anyone who excels at this extremely complex field and industry as he does."

Testimonial: Ann Elkest (MBA) For Dr. HermanSJr. of Platinum Sciences: Institute For Step-Change

Anne Elkest (MBA)

Entrepreneur | Author

Arabic Instructor

"I am an Egyptian Arabic language teacher and author getting my book published who also has a global fashion business. I used consultation with Dr. HermanSJr. to help build my business. He gave me great ideas for getting the book out. He also helped me with concerns on my fashion business's image and prices that were greatly holding my success back. He said I need to go against my first thoughts and recreate my business as a high end fashion company by increasing my prices about 500%-1000%, mimicking my high end competitors and restructuring my website. He took the time to explain the reasons and the guaranteed success I will have with these changes. He also educated me on very detailed scientific principles of psychology, neuroscience, and atmospherics behind the changes needed. I am definitely keeping my relationship with him to help me make my dreams come true for my family and myself."

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