Platinum Sciences is the foremost institute with the most direct and impactful strategies to maximize human-capital and force step-change (fast, transformational change) across countries and industries using the cognitive ability behind history's greatest thinkers (loosely termed "Holistic Vision" by Platinum Sciences Founder & Global Change Agent Dr. HermanSJr. and defined as "The ability to see the foundations and interconnectivity of all atmospheres").

History's greatest thinkers all have one commonality, one ability - Holistic Vision. This ability allowed them to see the interconnected foundations, universals, concepts, rules, algorithms, or whatever one calls it, of multiple landscapes and apply it to seemingly-unrelated landscapes in practical manners to solve highly-complex real-world issues. This ability is what catapulted them to the status of Game-Changers Of The World by allowing them to gaze deep, far, and wide into various realms and, thus, see connections and depths that most humans across space and time could not and will never be able to see. Whatsmore, this ability allowed them to master multiple, different fields. Fortunately, this ability is teachable and immediately-applicable across countries and industries.

Learn To Think Like The Greatest Thinkers w/ Dr. HermanSJr. of Platinum Sciences: Institute For Step-Change

Whether you want to be the best parent, babysitter, athlete, artist/creative, doctor, lawyer, engineer, professor, multi-billion dollar executive, law enforcement agent, church leader, salesperson, entrepreneur, student, manager, or anything whatsoever, learning to use the ability behind history's greatest thinkers (termed "Holistic Vision") is mandatory to get the no-nonsense, immediately practical transformation that is based on the ability of history's greatest thinkers to see, think, and act as they did, regardless of your education, financial statues, success status, background, and goals.

Step-Change For Power

History's greatest thinkers saw that only a few foundations, concepts, algorithms, universals, or whatever noun one uses, govern every atmosphere (i.e. every simple and highly-complex issue, network, and entity); just as the universals of gravity and air affect every entity on Earth, whether they can see, feel, understand, or care about those universals or not, these few all-governing foundations, concepts, algorithms, universals also affect every atmosphere. This ability (Holistic Vision) is paramount to be at the forefront of thought and action.

Step-Change w/ Dr. HermanSJr. of Platinum Sciences: Institute For Step-Change
Regain Your Freedom By Thinking Like History's Greatest Thinkers w/ Dr. HermanSJr. of Platinum Sciences: Institute For Step-Change


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Build A Legacy By Thinking Like History's Greatest Thinkers w/ Dr. HermanSJr. of Platinum Sciences: Institute For Step-Change